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Trinity Tutors provides quality tutoring services for individuals in primary and secondary education systems. Our services cover both IEB Syllabus (Private System) as well as the CAPS (Government System).

Welcome to Trinity Private Tutors

We are a team of dedicated individuals who offer an affordable, one-on-one private tutoring service in the comfort of your own home that works around your schedule.

One-on-one learning has been proven to be the very best way to help children and young adults who are either behind on their studies or wish to progress further and reach their full potential.

In the fast pace environment that is the modern classroom, learners often struggle to stay focused and absorb the information which is being taught, leaving the learner frustrated, constantly falling behind and often with poor test results.

We at Trinity strive to find the learning techniques, styles and methods that can help our students to continuously improve.

What our clients say about us

“I would like to thank Trinity Private Tutors for the professional service that I have received as a new client. I have found the office staff to be friendly and helpful and the tutor we have working with us is superb. She prepares work according to the individual student’s particular needs and our students are extremely happy with her. In the few weeks that she has been with us we can already see a marked improvement in their performance. I am happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a tutor.”

Pat Murray

Our Classes

Lessons are held in the comfort of your own home and at a time that is most convenient for you, as Trinity knows that students prefer a stress-free approach to learning as they are able to move at their own pace.

We assist our tutors in identifying and removing the fear associated with failure so that the student becomes more confident and eager to learn.

We provide tutors who are currently undergraduate students from various universities throughout South Africa studying towards accredited degrees.

Our tutors are selected based on their academic achievements throughout their schooling careers, personality and aptitude for teaching.

We assess your expectations from our tutor as well as the skill-set and personality of the student, from this assessment we then recommend tutors who we think will be most beneficial to the student.

Once there is a tutor in place we then schedule the first lesson, this being the most important lesson as it sets the tone for future lessons.

Trinity values the relationship that is shared between student and tutor as quality learning requires a certain synergy.

Once the first lesson has taken place, and we have gathered feedback from your tutor, we begin implementing learning techniques that will help the student achieve his or her potential.

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